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Want to save the world? Start by not using straws

How did Claro begin?

Drink with consideration. That is, without a straw, of course!

The Claro Movement came from an initiative of three friends who share the same ideals: respect for Nature and passion for the Sea. The Claro Movement intends to materialize these ideals in an action that at first sight may seem insignificant and limited, but which can help increase awareness of the problem of plastic in the oceans. This Movement was inspired by a successful campaign by surfers in Cornwall England, but that stems from a global trend towards alerting to the dangers of disposable plastic.

With the success it achieved, the Claro Movement evolved into a Youth Association based in Cascais, in june 2018. It aims to raise awareness of the problem of disposable plastic in the oceans and works on several fronts: it works with the HORECA sector, with companies and its suppliers in the reduction of disposable plastic, also works with the general public by carrying out various awareness activities, carries out educational activities in schools, organizes Eco Cascais, and also works in partnership with the Cascais Town Hall and Cascais Estoril Town Council in projects in this area.


If you want to see what Claro Movement has been doing in 2021, see our Activities Report.

The Team

Aura Rosa

Aura Rosa

Coordenadora do Projeto Torre Plstik/ Torre Plstik Project Coordenator
Movimento Claro - Teresa Vale

Teresa Vale

Coordenadora do Projeto Mergulha por Cascais e ReciClaro

The Claro Oeiras Team

The Claro Porto Team

The Claro Setúbal Team

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