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ReciClaro powered by Jovem Cascais

Environmental education program created in 2019 and promoted by Movimento Claro in partnership with Cascais Municipality in schools of Cascais. This project aims to promote awareness towards the excessive usage of single-use plastics and show how the plastic recycling process works by using the Precious Plastic machines.

What’s it about?

Each class has two sessions: one theoretical and one practical.
1) Theoretical session: class with an 1 hour duration where students have the opportunity to learn more about the importance of our oceans and the dangers plastic pollution. In addition, students also learn about the current situation of the recycling process and tips on how to reduce our carbon footprint.

2) Practical session:
is an 1h30 class with the Precious Plastic machines. Each class is divided in three groups and each group rotates between three different activities, which are:
Activity 1: object creation with Precious Plastic machines;
Activity 2: quiz about what was learned in the previous session with prizes;
Activity 3: brainstorming session in order to create an evironmental awareness video.

Final Event
At the end of the ReciClaro program there is a final event where the ten best videos made by the students participating in the program are shown. The three best videos are selected at this ceremony and the first place wins a diving experience with the Clube Naval de Cascais diving centre.

How to participate

If you are from Cascais district and are interested in participating in this project you can sign up through Jovem Cascais by using this e-mail: [email protected].
If you are from ousite Cascais district you can contact us directly through our general e-mail so we can set up the sessions.

ReciClaro Partners