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Let’s get this plastic rolling!

TORRE PLSTIK is a project that consists of collecting and transforming plastic packaging (types 2 and 5) into skateboards! In addition, it makes the pieces produced available to the community and regulars of SkatePark da Torre.

🛹 The aim is to democratize sport and generate a positive impact by raising awareness in the neighborhood community about the problem of incorrect disposal of plastic material, offering circular and environmentally friendly alternatives by turning it into skateboards.

What’s it about

Our Creative Recycling Unit is installed next to the Skate Park in the neighborhood of Torre, Cascais. It’s an old cargo container painted by local artist Carlos Stock.

In this unit, we intend to integrate both SkatePark residents and regulars into the skateboard production process. The collected raw material, more specifically type 2 and 5 plastic packaging (eg bottle caps and detergent packaging), is cleaned, crushed and melted in molds, giving life to new objects. To learn more about this project watch here.

For each skateboard, about 1.4 kg of plastic are reused.

How to participate

The pieces produced are available at the Recycling Unit, so that both residents and regulars can test the skateboards. There are also events open to the community with live music and various activities where everyone has the opportunity to experience and test our products. Watch the 2022 Torre Plstik Open Day here.

On site:
The workshops held at the Recycling Unit allow everyone the opportunity to visit and participate in the production process. In a creative, collaborative and fun way, participants can create their own skate boards, from the beginning with the crushing of the lids to the end with the on-site product testing.

Schools and Events:
School-based workshops and events allow participants to gain an understanding of the production process at the recycling plant. An explanation of the production is carried out, accompanied by a demonstration of the activity. We also offer the possibility of finalizing the skateboards with pre-produced boards and even testing the product.

To receive more information about these actions and values, please send an email to [email protected]


We accept donations of type 2 and 5 plastic, skateboard equipment (trucks, wheels, bearings and screws) and safety equipment (helmets, knee pads, elbow pads).

Items can be dropped off at the Creative Recycling Unit from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm.

Financial sponsorship:
We accept donations of financial resources that allow us to offer a skateboard to a child in the community. For more information, contact us via email [email protected]

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The project, which was created by Associação Juvenil Claro and contemplated by the Bairros Saudáveis program, also has the partnership of the Gaivotas da Torre Association, Cascais and Estoril Parish Council and Cascais City Council.